• Success for Teens

    SUCCESS for Teens will show you that success is not about smarts, looks, or luck. It's about becoming the best possible person can be and making most of the talents and opportunities. By understanding and applying  and applying the slight edge philosophy, you'll learn the rime-tested principles for excelling in all areas of your life.
    Eight Principles

The Successful Teens International Leadership Initiative

(2008 - 2019) Celebrating 11 Years Of Helping The SUCCESS Foundation Deliver A Positive Tool For Character Development To Teens.

The Successful Teens International Leadership Initiative was founded by Dr. Dorrellle Lomax Burnett, DD, the Executive Director of CFCI Foundation, in Los Angeles, California during the 2008-2009 NBA Basketball Season. It was created to support the mission of the SUCCESS Foundation. As a business development partner and sports philanthropist, Dr. Dorrelle Burnett established a cooperative relationship with HNA Sports (formally the HNBA), the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team and the SUCCESS Foundation. This international teens leadership initiative is part of Dr. Dorrelle Burnett's Success Through Higher Education Initiative to promote the work of HBCU Today.  Since 2008, our teens initiative has touched the lives of tens of thousands of teens in the United States and millions of NBA fans. Dr. Burnett moved the Successful Teens International Leadership brand to Chicago, Illinois in 2011 to be a success initiative of CFCI Foundation.

For the 2019 launch of the CFCI Foundation Success Education Initiative in Chicago, and to mark the anniversary of the Successful Teens International Leadership Program, in June 2019, Dr. Burnett and Mr. Clear Huddleston (CEO of Klear Full Scale Entertainment) and Mr. James Arik Griggs, came together and launched the STI Klear Full Scale Entertainment Program. 

This initiative combines the principles of the Successful Teens International Leadership Program with entertainment production and skills development. Teens who participate in the program learn success principles as well as obtain hands-on production experience. Our teens meet at Five Guys Restaurants to share and celebrate the positive impact the our program is having in their lives.  Starting at the Five Guys Restaurant Community Night in Hyde Park (Chicago).  Program participants receive a FREE ebook copy of SUCCESS for Teens, a book by the Editors of the SUCCESS Foundation ($10.00 value). The eight success principles in the book are from the New York Times Best Seller “The Slight Edge”.

· Little Things Matter

· Attitude is Everything

· Use the Moment 

· Everything Starts with Small Steps

· There Is No Such Thing as Failure

· Habits Are Powerful

· You’re Always Learning

· Make Your Dreams Come True

Each month, we look forward to learning more about how these success principles have helped each of our teens be more successful in life.

The Eight Principles In Detail
The Successful Teens International YouTube Channel
Offering principals of success to teens in the audio visual industry:

The STI Klear Full Scale Entertainment Program 

Is your teen interested in launching a career in the audio visual industry or want to learn how to maximize their home, school, or professional recording studio,  then the STI Klear Full Scale Entertainment program is the right fit. This program builds your child's knowledge and expertise in the fundamentals of sound recording and acoustics as well as studio recording technologies and techniques. Our students get hands-on experience working with seasoned professional recording engineer in a professional environment. They learn techniques in music recording, post-production, audio for video, voice over, and more. Make your child's dream come true today in the STI Klear Full Scale Entertainment Program.

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Audio Recording I   

Introduction to Sound Recording: Learn the basic principles of sound recording and apply them in your own projects. Topics include: an overview of recording technology, session procedures, types of recording studios, plus a general study of acoustics. Whether you are a musician wanting to record or you are beginning to prepare for a career in the recording industry this is your starting point. 


Audio Recording II   

Recording Techniques: Gain experience in recording live and electronic music, and take your knowledge of sound recording to a higher level. Through hands-on instruction and in-class recording sessions, you will learn about multi-track recording sessions and techniques for recording different styles of music. You will explore microphone techniques in detail, as well as signal processing, including compression and equalization. Prerequisite: Sound Recording I    

Audio Recording III 

Mixing and Editing Techniques: After the recording sessions are complete, the last step is to create the final track. In this class you will work with previously recorded material, often the material you recorded in Level II. Learn some of the fundamental principles of good mixing while you get hands-on experience processing the sound on a multi-track recorder, blending and balancing the final mix. You will also discuss effects processors including reverbs, delays and chorusing. Prerequisite: Sound Recording II.