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    SUCCESS for Teens will show you that success is not about smarts, looks, or luck. It's about becoming the best possible person can be and making most of the talents and opportunities. By understanding and applying  and applying the slight edge philosophy, you'll learn the rime-tested principles for excelling in all areas of your life.
    Eight Principles

The Successful Teens International Leadership Initiative

(2008 - 2019) Celebrating 11 Years Of Helping The SUCCESS Foundation Deliver A Positive Tool For Character Development To Teens.

The Successful Teens International Leadership Initiative was founded by Dr. Dorrellle Lomax Burnett, DD, the Executive Director of CFCI Foundation, in Los Angeles, California during the 2008-2009 NBA Basketball Season. It was created to support the mission of the SUCCESS Foundation. As a business development partner and sports philanthropist, Dr. Dorrelle Burnett established a cooperative relationship with HNA Sports (formally the HNBA), the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team and the SUCCESS Foundation. This international teens leadership program is part of Dr. Dorrelle Burnett's Higher Education Initiative that promotes the work of HBCU Today.  Since 2008, this initiative has touched the lives of tens of thousands of teens in the United States and millions of NBA fans. Dr. Burnett moved the Successful Teens International Leadership brand to Chicago, Illinois in 2011 to be a success leadership program of CFCI Foundation.

Teens who participate in our program learn success principles and has enjoyed meals at Five Guys Restaurants. Teens meet at Five Guys Restaurants to share and celebrate the positive impact our program is having in their lives.  Starting at the Five Guys Restaurant Community Night in Hyde Park (Chicago).  Program participants receive a FREE ebook copy of SUCCESS for Teens, a book by the Editors of the SUCCESS Foundation ($10.00 value). The eight success principles in the book are from the New York Times Best Seller “The Slight Edge”. The eight principles are:

· Little Things Matter

· Attitude is Everything

· Use the Moment 

· Everything Starts with Small Steps

· There Is No Such Thing as Failure

· Habits Are Powerful

· You’re Always Learning

· Make Your Dreams Come True

Each month, we look forward to learning more about how these success principles have helped each of our teens be more successful in life.

The Eight Principles In Detail
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