• Dr. Dorrelle Lomax Burnett

    Visionary | Entrepreneur | Success Advocate

Cash Flow Clubs International, Inc also known as CFCI Foundation is a cooperative success advocacy that focus on overcoming challenges in the areas of wealth and health for individuals, businesses and communities.  The principle focus of CFCI Foundation is on uplifting individuals, businesses and communities at the bottom of America's socioeconomic pyramid through access to targeted financial resources and  the application of proven success principles, models and technologies.

In 1993, Burnett co-founded SkyNet Inc. which established licensing agreements with Ameritech Cellular and Paging and opened the first wireless retail or cellular telecommunications store in Chicago’s financial district. Over time, Burnett would over-see the development of more than 200 wireless retail outlets through the Midwestern United States.  He founded American Communications and Entertainment Networks, Inc. (ACE Networks) in the early 2000’s and became one of Chicago’s first Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ACE networks was the first ISP to be established in Chicago’s Historic Bronzeville community.

In 2007, he established Cash Flow Clubs of America and Humanitarian Neighborhood (HNA) Alliance, Inc. in Southern California, and became a business development partner the Los Angeles Clippers NBA Basketball Team. For three NBA seasons, HNA Sports developed strategic alliances and leadership programs that added more take-home value to LA Clipper games at the Staples Center.

CFCI Foundation also known as Cash Flow Clubs International, Inc is a religious finance education and cooperative success networking organization, founded as a Not For Profit Corporation in Illinois, by Dorrelle Lomax Burnett, on August 5, 2011. 

The purpose of CFCI Foundation is to be an international networking platform and advocacy for the biblical principles of cooperative success (Joshua 1:8). 

The vision of CFCI Foundation is to help members of society adopt a lifestyle of love using the biblical principles of cooperative success and to provide support for their efforts to help others do the same worldwide.  

The mission of CFCI Foundation is to disseminate the great benefit and values of cooperative success in society, in the local community, in business and life of the individual person. To offer the adoption of cooperative success as a culture by establishing, producing and marketing literacy programs, success technology events and leadership development workshops to an international success networking community.  

Presently, CFCI Foundation specializes in helping businesses, nonprofit organizations, corporate foundations, high net worth individuals and families use cooperative success based products, services, programs and events to help build a better society.  We want the term "Cooperative Success" to one day be defined as "an international strategic alliance networking platform for personal, business and community success." From the start, members of the CFCI Foundation cooperative success community had been awarded millions of dollars in grants and discounts rewards. Our business philosophy is "We work harder so that our members can work smarter."