​Visionary | Entrepreneur | Success Advocate

Dr.Dorrelle Lomax Burnett is a visionary, entrepreneur, and success advocate based in Chicago IL. Dr.Burnett's passion to serve others started at a young age. With his mother being a nurse and his father being a minister, Dr.Burnett was inspired by the example of selflessness his parents demonstrated, contributing greatly to the values he lives by today. His actions are driven by his calling to serve others, and to provide a net positive of good into the world. 

Through the use of his own funds, Dr.Burnett became one of the first internet service providers of color in the United States in the early 2000's, providing internet service to Chicago's Historic Bronzeville community. In 2007, Dr.Burnett established the Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance (HNA) in Southern California. Through the HNA, he was able to the Successful Teens International Leadership program, which partnered with the LA clippers, in order to promote the mission of the SUCCESS Foundation. 

Currently, Dr.Burnett is focusing on growing the Gospel House Radio and the CFCI Foundation, both of which he established. Gospel House Radio was birthed from his lifelong love for music. In the past, Dr.Burnett established the Chicago Music Showcase in partnership with the city of Chicago, in order to spotlight and profile local Chicago artists at the Harold Washington Library Center. He also created the House Party International TV Show, one of the first music TV programs to be produced in Chicago, which was recognized and listed by Billboard Magazine for 5 years. Using his past experience and involvement in the entertainment industry, Dr.Burnett created Gospel House Radio with the mission to uplift it's listeners through the lyrics of gospel combined with uplifting beats. The CFCI Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on aiding nonprofits to grow and continue doing what they do best.

As a visionary, Dr.Burnett is working towards one day having the CFCI Foundation recognized as a leader in helping individuals, nonprofits, and communities become highly successful, as well as growing the audience and platforms for Gospel House Radio. In his free time, Dr.Burnett enjoys watching movies & documentaries, studying the sciences, and spending time with family and friends.