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CFCI Foundation - A Leader In Cooperative Success Development

CFCI Foundation is a non profit dedicated to helping our members reach their business goals and fulfill their missions. We do that through dynamic cash flow development services, educational programs and special events. We specialize in establishing cooperative relationships designed to help our members be more successful. Become a member today.


Offering Millions To Its Members

Apply For SEE Program Grants And Discounts

In 2017, CFCI Foundation launched the SEE Program (Success Education and Events Program) for nonprofits and helped to award its members millions of dollars in grants and discounts. Through this program, our members are submitted to multiple sources for discounts on goods and services, grants and fundraising platforms. One of our in-kind grants is a year of high impact online fundraising and brand awareness services valued at $120,000. Submit your application today!

About CFCI Foundation Membership

Whether you manage a small start-up or a large organization, are new to the non profit business community or are a seasoned veteran, CFCI Foundation membership can help your organization succeed. 

Member Benefits:

  • Free Submissions For 501(c)3 Orgs (includes a $120,000 in-kind grant)​​
  • Free Monthly Newsletter Featuring Insider Tips
  • Free Quarterly Webinars and Networking Events
  • Discounts on Business Start-up and Development Services
  • Discounts on Brand Name Software, Refurbished Computers and more.

Our cooperative success approach to non profit brand development and awards management is what makes CFCI Foundation membership special and a good return on investment (ROI). Our membership enables organizations to reach their next level of success by helping with three great challenges - organization brand awareness, funds development and operations management. Let CFCI Foundation help you answer these challenges!


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