• We do what we do, so you can do what you do better.

    CFCI Foundation is where those who care can share with others who care and use the technologies that help show the world how much they care.
  • Great teams solve problems with real solutions

    CFCI Foundation offers its members, partners and sponsors networking platforms for discovering high impact success solutions that work.
  • Our Standard Is Cooperative Success

    Your work is important

    CFCI Foundation knows that the work you do is as important to your success 
    as the work we do for your success.  We believe your success is ALL of our success. 
CFCI Foundation

"A Resource For Personal, Business And Community Success"

Our ​Bottom Line;  "It's Not About Our Resources. ​It's About The Resources You Need To Succeed."

CFCI Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the business of cooperative success. As a cooperative success advocacy, we help individuals, groups, businesses and communities develop. We help them setup, create more value, reach their goals and fulfill their missions with action plans that give back and pay it forward. We offer dynamic educational programs, development services and networking events that produce wins for all involved.  Our cooperative success solutions are designed to grow success immediately. Click here for your free success analysis.

"Your success is ALL of our success".

CFCI Foundation  Is A Proud Participant of GuideStar Exchange