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What is Gospel House Radio?

(WGHI-CHICAGO) Gospel House International Radio is a nonprofit, listener supported, multicultural music media production and education initiative established by YHWH Temple Church, The Chicago Music Showcase and CFCI Foundation.  Listeners enjoy classic and modern Christian based, high energy DJ mixes in the form of dance music, while simultaneously being uplifted through messages and lyrics built on biblical principles of success. The station aims to inspire and connect with everyday people through the language of the new genre of Gospel House Music, also known as Christian House. The Gospel House International Radio station (Www.GospelHouseRadio.com) promotes praise dance mixes, recording artists, and faith-based events often overlooked by major media outlets.

Where can I learn more?

We release new mixes every month for our audience, and aim to expand our listener base through future partners, programs, events, and other initiatives. If you'd like to opt-in for music news, newly released mixes, upcoming events, and more, feel free to subscribe for a small monthly fee on our MixCloud app platform. You can subscribe and listen to our featured mixes by clicking the button below.

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