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    Our Purpose. Our Vision. Our Mission.

Our History And Leadership

Our founder, Dorrelle Lomax Burnett, discovered his interest in business, in the early eighties, in Chicago, Illinois, after he produced a very popular hair and fashion event, in Chicago's Gold Coast area. The event was named "The Gold Coast Hair And Fashion Show". The show put a spotlight on Chicago's top students in hair and fashion at that time and open doors for professional modeling opportunities for models of color with top modeling agencies and photography studios in Chicago. 

After graduating from Columbia School Of Broadcasting, with a focus on radio production and business, Mr. Burnett became the host and executive producer of the very popular, House Party International Music Television Show (HPI-TV), on cable channel 19 in Chicago.  HPI-TV became one of the most popular and nationally recognized music television shows to be produced out of Chicago and The Chicago Public Access Television Network. The show was listed in Bill Board Magazine for half a decade and set the stage for Mr. Burnett to become coordinator of CONTACT: The Illinois Music Network and founder of The Chicago Music Showcase. As Coordinator of CONTACT, Mr. Burnett worked as a volunteer, in the Music Department, on the 8th floor of The Harold Washington Library Center. He produced many music education events and helped many famous and local recording artists donate their works the library music archives. As a result, at that time, The Chicago Public Library was said to had one of the largest music archives in the world. That may still be true today.

While producing programs and events for the city library. Mr. Burnett continued his education in biblical studies with his completion of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, in April of 1992, under the instruction of Drs. Lee and Penny Warren, Mr. Burnett became a Doctor of Divine Metaphysics (D.D.) and a licensed minister, at the Chicago Branch of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research. Dr. Burnett and Bridgette S. Adams came together and founded the HalleluYah Corporation to share their faith practices and biblical principles with others. 

Also in the early 90s, Dr. Burnett co-founded Skynet, Inc, an Ameritech Paging and Cellular Authorized Dealer, with Michael Walker and Morrell Steve Neely. Skynet is known as the Ameritech Authorized Dealer who launched cellular in the United States. In 1997, Dr. Burnett became Senior Vice President of New Business Development at Skyworld Communications, the first wireless retail partner for 360 Communications / Voicestream, known today as T-Mobile. He was responsible for the build out and business systems setup for multiple wireless retail locations in six mid-western states in the USA.  

In the early 2000's  Mr. Burnett left wireless retail and founded American Communications and Entertainment Networks (ACE Networks), and became one of the first internet service providers (ISPs) in Chicago.  ACE Networks was the first ISP to establish and offer T1 internet access and website development services in Chicago's historical Bronzeville community. 

In 2005, after being inspired by the works of best selling author Robert T. Kiyosaki, Dr. Burnett moved to Southern California to develop a chain of Sprint retail locations. After speaking to Border Book Stores, he founded Cash Flow Clubs of America which produced financial education workshops in Boarder Books Stores throughout Southern California until 2007. 

In 2007, Dr. Burnett became an event programs director with the Los Angeles Clippers NBA Basketball team and founded the Humanitarian Neighborhood Basketball Alliance (HNBA). The HNBA introduced the Youth For Human Rights International program to the NBA and it was a very successful event. At the time, Youth For Human Rights International was the largest youth organization connected to the United Nations. Later that year, the organization was picked as the organization of choice for the International Soccer Association. The NBA would not approve our use of HNBA and our company name was changed after its first program event to the Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance (HNA Sports). 

In 2008, Dr. Burnett became a business development partner with the LA Clippers and HNA Sports launched the (Game Of Giving Back). It was the Successful Teens International Leadership program. A youth program created to promote the work of the SUCCESS Foundation to NBA teams and fans. HNA Sports with Successful Teens International, share the eight principles of the SUCCESS for Teens book with thousands of youth in Southern California and millions of NBA fans worldwide. 

In 2010, the name Cash Flow Clubs of America was changed to Cash Flow Clubs International and incorporated by Dr. Burnett on August 5, 2011.  Cash Flow Clubs International Inc. aka CFCI Foundation is a religious, finance education and cooperative success organization, established as a Not For Profit Corporation based in Chicago, Illinois. CFCI Foundation has a people over profit business philosophy, uses a 20/80 business operations model and its slogan is: "Your success is ALL of our success."

Our Purpose

The purpose of CFCI Foundation is to be an international cooperative success advocacy and development networking platform that promotes the use of success principles (Joshua 1:8) and business system technologies worldwide. 

 Our Vision

The vision of CFCI Foundation is to help members of society be more successful through adopting a lifestyle of love for one another by helping them use principles of cooperative success that provide support to help others to do the same. We want the term "Cooperative Success" to one day be defined as "an international strategic networking alliance and technology platform for personal, business and community success."

Our Mission

The mission of CFCI Foundation is to disseminate the great benefit and values of cooperative success in society, in community, in business and in the life of the individual person. To offer the adoption of cooperative success as a type of culture by establishing, producing and marketing initiatives, programs, events and development services to an international cooperative success networking community.  

What We Do Now

Presently, CFCI Foundation specializes in helping individuals, groups, businesses and communities use cooperative success strategies, products, services, programs and events to help build a better society and give back.  From 2011 to date, members of the CFCI Foundation cooperative success community have been awarded millions of dollars in grants and discounts rewards. Our business slogan is "Your success is ALL of our success." Our slogan reflects the internal culture of our business model.