• About Us

    Our Purpose. Our Vision. Our Mission.
  • About Us

    Our Purpose. Our Vision. Our Mission.

CFCI Foundation

Community For Christ International Foundation

What We Do 

CFCI Foundation specializes in helping individuals, groups, businesses and communities use cooperative success solutions to develop and grow.  Since 2011, members of CFCI Foundation with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status have been awarded millions of dollars through our grants, discounts and rewards programs. In 2023, CFCI Foundation stopped offering public business services to offer private business services including 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a) church based development services. Our slogan still is "Your success is ALL of our success." Our slogan express the culture of our Kingdom Of God success model.  We work with each our foundation members to develop a workable action plan which identify the necessary systems, policies, procedures and resources needed to foster their success day to day.

Our Purpose

The purpose of CFCI Foundation is to be an international cooperative success advocacy that promotes the use of applied biblical law, state and constitutional law, proven success principles, best success practices and clean technology worldwide. 

 Our Vision

The vision of CFCI Foundation is to help each of our members be more successful through the use of cooperative success solutions. To teach the use of biblical principles with proven cooperative success strategies, for the strengthening, enhancement, goodwill and betterment of mankind.

Our Mission

Our mission is the establishment of initiatives, products, services and events that allow our members to experience the day to day benefits of Cooperative Success through the application of biblical principles and practical success solutions in the personal, business and community areas of their lives. Tdisseminate the great benefit and values of having cooperative success solutions present in society, in the local community, individual families and in the private life of each person.