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What Is TechSoup And NetSquared? 

CFCI Foundation is an International TechSoup Ambassador. TechSoup is a world leader in granting nonprofits access to technology.  TechSoup created NetSquared to help nonprofits worldwide gain a sense of their local tech community.  NetSquared is TechSoup's global network of Tech4Good meetups happening in over 120 cities on 6 continents. CFCI Foundation is a co-organizer of NetSquared Chicago and host MeetUp events for over 600 members in the Chicagoland area. 

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CFCI Foundation NetSquared Meetups

  • Meetups are local gatherings of individuals, groups and organizations. Our Meetups are for people who want to take their organization’s growth to the next level by utilizing the benefits of technology.
  • Each meeting will have food, time for questions and answers, guest speakers, and just getting to know each other networking sessions. 
  • Our guest speakers are selected because of their personal mastery of their topic. 
  • Anyone who either supports a nonprofit or wants to start a nonprofit is welcome to attend.

Let's Meetup

CFCI Foundation NetSquared Meetups are held at selected Chicago Public Library locations and at educational facilities like the University of Chicago's Polsky Center in Hyde Park. Our meetups are designed to support organizations in the Chicago land area and will be posted at www.RevivalWebinars.com.