• Business Startup Manual

                                                                      A step by step guide...

This manual can be self-paced or you can work with our team to reach your

business goals.  Our team has over a half century of experience in working 

to make ideas into profitable businesses. Schedule a confidential conversation 

with one of our professionals to see how we can help you achieve your dreams!

This step-by-step manual forms a clear cut path to success!

Along the way, you will:

  • Identify your market, consumers, competition;
  • Identify the right business structure for your company;
  • Craft real financial projections;;
  • Write your business plan;
  • Refine your business goals to make the most profit;
  • Identify the most beneficial social media outlets;
  • Establish human resources policies;
  • Establish your standard operating procedures;
  • Develop an Exit Strategy.

Professionally Guided

Let our team help you achieve your goals quicker.  This includes up to 3 hours of one-on-one consultation with our expert team.



For those who are confident they can navigate the challenges of starting a new company.  This is an electronic copy for download.